Friday, March 09, 2007

The inner warrior

We've finally switched over from Bulldog to BT, and I'm feeling very relieved and happy about it. It's also another beautiful day here in London, and there's something to be said for getting up in the morning when the sun is shining, as opposed to everything dark, cold, and depressing. Soon the pigeons will start getting jiggy with it (not a pretty site!), as Spring climbs out from beneath the duvet and shakes things up for all of us.

My skin is in revolt - it feels as though it's been dried out in the Kalahari desert and then stretched over a drum, and I've got spots. Perhaps it has something to do with changing from one drastic climate to another (it was 35 degrees in South Africa). This morning I put on some of that bio-oil stuff to try and rehydrate and re-balance it. We'll see.

I think I've found the online site to that seminar (Insight) that Isabel Losada attends in her book, 'The Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment' and am tempted to go and do one. I think it's good to shake up your perspective every now and then, and open your mind to new ideas and ways of thinking. Now I wonder if I'll convince any of my friends to do it along with me, or if this is going to be a solo mission? Somehow I think it may be better to do it alone, because there's a certain freedom being within group of strangers affords you, and perhaps you are more inclined to open up than you would be in front of someone you know.

The last time I did one of these seminars (when I was 17), I was absolutely terrified. I had no idea what lay in store for me. Friends who had done it before me, simply gave me an annoying 'I now possess secrets to inner wisdom' kind of smile, and said, "Just do it, you'll see for yourself."

But one thing was sure, although I was up for trying new things, there was no way in hell I was getting naked and running around tapping into my inner warrior - or whatever justification they came up with for making us disrobe. I don't know where I got the notion that something like this would be involved, but at that age my worst fear was always about getting naked in front of other people. Fortunately there was no naked business, but there was a lot of being naked in the emotional sense, in terms of vulnerability and taking personal risks, which is perhaps even scarier than getting your kit off.

I finished the weekend feeling lighter, focused and definitely more assertive. Some of the exercises turned out to be very useful, some of them weren't, but it was a great experience all in all. And best of all, my new assertive attitude drove my mother mad - a sure-fire sign that it had been a success.


Theo said...

Do you get the so-called "Landmark Forum" self-improvement course in the UK? It's big here in the States and one of my friends swears by it. She claims it changed her life. Personally I think all this self-improvement stuff is a HUGE pile of self-deluding, moneymaking rubbish, but that's just me being cynical.

Here's a link to it:

letters from london said...

As per the post, this one is called 'Insight,' so I don't think it's the same one. My feelings on these things are a lot like my feelings on religeon - provided you don't try and convert everyone and their uncle, whatever gets you up and out of bed in the morning and feeling more positive about your own life - can't be all that bad. But that's just me being an optimist ;-)