Friday, March 16, 2007


When it comes to big budget TV, no one does it better than the Americans. And if you haven't heard of this latest masterpiece coming out of the USA, and haven't seen any of it either, I'd advise you to start doing so right now.

Heroes is the story of a group of 'ordinary' people who soon find out that they have rather extraordinary powers. With the help of brilliant plot devices their seemingly random paths begin to weave together, and soon become inextricably linked to reveal their shared destiny - to save the world.

It sounds cheesy, I know. Perhaps the kind of thing you think may be better suited to your 10-year-old son and the Cartoon Network. But trust me - this is some seriously well-made adult TV. It's beautifully shot, the acting is outstanding, and the story line takes so many clever twists and turns it gives you chills. Forget 'Lost' - these writers definitely know where they are going with this story line. It's must-see TV, I promise.

The official NBC Heroes website is here. Photo from same source.

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Louise said...

oh no

I am aready addicted to Lost and Desperate Housewives, even though the twisting plotlines drive me nuts and I can never remember what's going on half the time! I can't start watching another one!