Monday, March 12, 2007


Beauty and the beast: Willy 'best in show' winner of
Crufts 2007, and Elizabeth Hurley

I was reading all about dogs on the BBC website (well done Willy!), and coincidentally (?) came across a hilarious piece by Clive James about Elizabeth Hurley, and specifically the circus that is her wedding(s) to Arun Nayar.

A couple of excerpts:

"In view of the massed muscle of the inner ring of steel, the Indian press concluded that Jodhpur would be, and I quote, "more secure than during the Mughal invasions." That sounded pretty secure until you googled the Mughals and found out that in 1561, they went through the defences of Jodhpur like a scimitar through butter, but let's not quibble."

"The next bit that nobody was allowed to see was, one can only imagine, awe-inspiring. Arun placed on Elizabeth's wrists a set of red wedding bangles washed in milk - just what she'd always dreamed of. In the background, screaming paparazzi fell to their deaths from the castle walls as their aluminium extension ladders melted in the heat of the sacred fire."

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