Monday, March 26, 2007

Baby you can drive my car

Big news on this end, Robert got his drivers license on Friday! Congratulations Roberto - very proud!!!

Now I've got to do it ...

Yesterday, Johnny (my instructor), and I went to Isleworth, which is where the test center is, to do a mock test run. We had to go on dual carriageways to get there and that meant upping my speed from my usual snail's pace of 20 to 50 - which was terrifying to say the least. What's worse is that we entered the first dual carriageway in the first 10 minutes of leaving the house - a time I usually need to get used to the car and feel a bit wobbly . My mom would refer to this as 'sink or swim' time, and I could actually feel my right leg (the one on the accelerator) jumping from the nerves.

Anyway, we got there, and the more I drove, the better it became. We also did some more dual carriageway driving in Isleworth and I soon became a lot more used to it.

I failed the mock test run, but Johnny says he has never had a pupil in his 15 years who passes it their very first time like that. He says my case is slightly unusual in that my maneuvers were fine (no faults), but my driving needs some work - mostly on major roundabouts (entering etc), and not driving too fast on busy high streets and then having to slow down too quickly if there is a potential hazard. These and a few other things which will come with a bit more driving experience I think, but I need to be absolutely polished for the test itself.

We are off the the test center on Saturday and Sunday again this week, which is going to be an enormous help. Even the trip there and back (approx 45 mins to an hour each way) involves all sorts of driving challenges which are an important source of learning for me.

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