Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Baby stuff

My sister Mags bought me a book by Patrick Holford entitled, 'Optimum Nutrition Before During and After Pregnancy: Everything You Need to Achieve Optimum Well-being', for my birthday.

It tells you what to eat, what supplements to take, and what to avoid while trying to get pregnant, while you are pregnant, and once the baby is born - and even what to feed small children. What I find interesting, and refreshing, is that during the 'trying' period, emphasis is not placed soley on the mother, but also on the father. What a man eats, whether or not he smokes, how much he drinks, or does drugs, can effect the condition of his sperm. And according to studies, damaged sperm can not only effect fertility, but can also lead to birth deformities - it's estimated that as much as 80 percent of genetic abnormailities are caused by defective sperm. This is something I didn't know.

According to Holford you should make sure your body is healthy at least four months before even starting to try for a family. This doesn't just mean eating well and taking supplements like folic acid, but also stopping all the drinking and smoking business too - because these things can also effect egg quality - which again can lead to problems falling pregnant, and worse - birth defects.

A friend of mine told me that women have been drinking and smoking during their pregnancies for decades, and a lot of them have perfectly fine babies. I'm sure this is true, but I also feel that if I do things by the book and create as healthy a womb environment as possible, in the awful event that something is wrong with our baby, I'll know it wasn't anything I did through carelessness.

Saying all of this, I imagine there are quite a lot of varied opinions on what's good and what's bad, and it's important not to get too paranoid, because that means stress, which is also not conducive to getting pregnant or pregnancy itself. And isn't some of this baby making business supposed to be fun?


Lou said...

Hot off the press last week:

For women wanting to get pregnant, eat full fat ice cream at least twice a week. Apparently full fat dairy foods have a positive effect on hormones (and most women only eat reduced fat dairy).


letters from london said...

Now that is good news!!!