Wednesday, February 07, 2007

We trust these people in space?

This is some crazy-assed story about an accomplished US female astronaut (Lisa Nowak pictured above) who attempted to kidnap another women at an airport. And after police found an assortment of nasty items in a black plastic sack she tried to dump, including a BB pistol, a new steel mallet, a new folding knife with a four-inch blade, three to four feet of rubber tubing, several plastic garbage bags, and about $600 in cash, they've slapped her with attempted first degree murder too. The reason? They reckon both women fancy the same guy - who is also an astronaut, and it's some weird kind of love triangle.

What's even more creepy is that Nowak left Houston and drove 900 miles to the Orlando Airport, reportedly stopping only for gas and wearing adult diapers to avoid having to stop and use the loo.
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Yep, you couldn’t make this shit up. Watch out for the movie version.

Photo c/o Dlisted

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