Monday, February 26, 2007

Send in the rain

So the Oscars - well done Helen Mirren. I started watching 'The Queen' on the plane, but I kind of got bored - not because of her performance, but I guess I just didn't find the content particularly gripping. Saying that, I also started watching 'Snakes on a plane,' but when a snake flew at a women and bit her on her bare breast (she was having sex with her boyfriend in the loo), I decided it required a bit too much suspension of disbelief.

I'm in South Africa at the moment, and they are having a heat wave. Whereas in the UK we can't get enough of the bloody rain, here they are praying for it. Everything is dry, and even the ants are in search of water, and are particularly drawn to the guest loo - my loo. In the morning the toilet bowl resembles a mass watery grave - packed with drowned ants.

Today we were driving along the motorway, and I saw a man systematically throw the debris from his lunch out of his moving vehicle onto the side of the road. A cardboard Kentucky Fried Chicken box, followed by two empty cans of coke. Looking at the side of the road it occurred to me that this sort of thing happens a lot around here.

Littering is one of those things, much like nose picking, that I cannot abide. Nose picking, you may argue, is a habit that doesn't really affect other people - except of course those unfortunate souls, such as myself, that happen to witness someone doing it and have a reflexive need to vomit on the spot. It's ghastly, disgusting, and unpleasant, but unless that person is going to shake your hand, or handle a rail on the tube or buss (which happens all to often), it's not really something that effects the rest of us.

But littering - well, it's just one of those things that strikes me as not only incredibly inconsiderate, but also indicative of someone who doesn't give a shit about the environment which they live in and share with the rest of us, and on a bigger scale, the planet. There's a certain sense of conservation that you'd hope would be instinctive to people, but sadly this is not the case.

When someone litters I have this insane desire to pick up their rubbish, follow them home, and then throw all that crap onto their lounge floor. And when they look at me like I am mad and ask me what the hell I'm doing, I'll respond 'The same thing you are doing by throwing your shit all over the streets.'

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