Wednesday, February 07, 2007

On the offensive

This Snickers ad has been pulled after several gay organisations complained to Snickers-maker Masterfoods USA, that it was offensive to gays.

I'm not gay, so perhaps I don't have a right to voice an opinion on this, but what the hell - I'm going to anyway. The ad is poking fun at the whole macho thing straight men have going regarding their sexuality. And I suppose (at a stretch) by implication, you can therefore say it infers gay men are not macho or manly. If you had two women up there doing the same thing it would be considered raunchy, but then you'd have feminists complaining that women were being portrayed in a sexist way.

I think the most you can accuse this ad of is being an example of a lazy execution of an advertising idea. It ran during the Super Bowl, so they were clearly targeting men and went for something they'd be sure to get a cheap laugh out of - and weren't particularly clever about it either.

Not all gay people were offended by it, and according to seriouslyomgwtf,
'Cyd Zeigler, co-founder of, a website for gay sports enthusiasts, says he saw it at a Super Bowl party with 30 gay friends — and no one had a problem with it. “I simply wasn’t offended by it,” Zeigler says. “I just don’t see how a couple of mechanics pulling out chest hair because they kissed is offensive.” Still, he thinks that Masterfoods would be wise to apologize. “They’re a business,” he says. “And no company in a free market is in the business of alienating consumers, intentional or not.”' Continue reading.
My concern is that we are living in a world that is increasingly becoming intolerant by virtue of championing tolerance - this said from someone who lives in the UK, a country that is so obessed with being politically correct that it lands up shooting itself in the foot.

At what point to be have so many restrictions on what we say and what we write about, that we are stopped even before we begin? Also, and most importantly, where's our ability to have a sense of humour about things? Surely even gay men can chuckle at how idiotic straight men can be regarding intimacy with other men?

If you can't see the clip click here.

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