Friday, February 02, 2007

Introducing the hypocrite of the weak

Tyra Banks responded to recent magazine and internet articles calling her fat, with this dramatic speech on her talk show. When I watched it, two words immediately popped into my mind: F*cking hypocrite!

Tyra wore the same bathing suit she was photographed in in Australia - the photos of which caused all the 'Tyra is fat' stories to begin with. Her reason? I don't know, to express that she's cool with her body? That it's OK to be bigger? Interestingly enough, a commenter over on Dlisted who watched the full episode said that although it was the same bathing suit, Tyra's body was not the same, and she had evidently lost some weight and toned up for the occasion. Funny that.

Now that Tyra has gained weight and no longer has her model figure, she's all "Bigger women ra ra ra!" It's a great and valid sentiment, but lest we forget this is a woman who has made her name and fortune based on her (thin) cultivated looks, not least of all as an underwear model for Victoria's Secret. She also conceived of, stars in, and is a (big earning) producer on the hugely successful TV show, 'America's Next Top Model'. The show that takes a bunch of skinny girls from the public, slaps a whole of makeup on them, and teaches them how to do Tyra-inspired poses in front of a camera. At the end of each episode one of the girls is sent home packing, and the final one left standing wins. Prizes include getting signed with a modeling agency, landing a cosmetics campaign for Cover Girl, and a featured spread in a magazine.

Historically they've included about three fuller figured women in the series, though when I say fuller-figured, these women are possibly a size 14 and very toned. The kind of plus-sized models you see without any visible lumps and bumps, and who probably live at the gym as much as the skinny ones. However, interestingly, none of them have ever won the 'coveted' title.

I used to like Tyra, but now she just annoys the crap out of me. Yeah Tyra - whateva!

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