Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Do not use Bulldog internet providers

No more posts until Bulldog decide to connect us again. They switched us off because we didn't pay. We didn't pay because we sent them two direct debit forms (one upon opening the account), none of which have ever been activated. We were emailed our bill with instructions to go and pay online. When we went to play online, we were told their systems were down. This happens frequently.

After our internet got switched off (no warning), and we payed via phone yesterday, we were then told our Internet would be switched back on after 25 working hours - which roughly translates into three working days. Three days that I cannot work - three days that as luck would have it I have a lot of work and have three clients waiting on things from me as a matter of urgency.

25 working hours is what the accounts people (who appear to be situated in a call center in India) vehemently maintain (read from the script), even though their technical support guy, Neil, informed us it was a matter of them flipping a switch back on.

Another reason I think their call centers are most likely in India - is because when I asked to speak to a supervisor yesterday there was some uhming and ahing before the phone was put down on me. Similarly when Robert asked to do the same he was put back into the queue. Average wait time on the phone is 20 minutes - and if you wait for that amount of time, you consider it speedy.

Do not use this company.

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