Friday, February 09, 2007

Carpe underwear

The blogosphere is going nuts with stories and conspiracies about the death of Anna Nicole Smith, and already the idiot commenters are giving their 5 cents worth to the tune of 'the world is rid of another waste of space', or 'live by the drug die by the drug' etc. That's what you call empathy folks.

I find the whole thing a very tragic reminder of how tenuous life really is, and that you just never know what's going to happen. I tell myself the best thing I can do is get off my ass and make the most of every day, stop bitching, stop sweating the small stuff, and stop expecting things to happen to me instead of making them happen.

I started this morning by not weighing myself, which was a good start. I'm also going to have a shower and not work until lunchtime in my pyjamas. And I'm going to eat breakfast - something healthy like muesli and fruit.

There's a new Bravissimo store that's opened around the corner, and I want to go and check it out. I went to a lingerie fashion show earlier this week, and I was inspired. The men in the audience (who were supposedly there to buy their loved ones stuff for Valentines Day) appeared to use it more as a soft porn experience, and ogled the various models in a fashion not unlike starving dogs looking at raw meat.

The man sitting next to me, and expansive American, took it upon himself to keep a running commentary about all the outfits and the girls figures. "Now that outfit, that reminds me of my ex-wife, only she'd have a cocktail glass and cigarette too." The model in question was wearing high heels and a long silk robe. This guy's girlfriend sat next to him and made scrupulous notes next to all the outfits on her sheet, and at the end of the show, handed it over to him. "So what are you guys going to get?", I asked, noting quite a lot of ticks and circles. "Anything she wants," he said with a satisfied grin.

All of the stuff was a bit rich for my pocket- with things starting around the £80 mark and reaching more than £700 - for a silk dressing gown and matching slip. I like lingerie as much as the next woman, but you can get some lovely stuff for a lot less than that.

A well cut bra and knickers or teddy can in fact do wonders for your figure. I have some stuff, that when I put it on, I look a size smaller, and my body just seems nicer somehow. I guess there's something to be said for packaging, and the art of self delusion.

Photo: Dlisted

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