Thursday, January 18, 2007

Warning: Diet Talk

God I hate muesli. It tastes like something you use to fill walls in with. And what's worse, I dislike raisins and tend to remove them, which means the muesli isn't even sweet - it's just, well, nasty.

Anyway, all this healthy eating stuff is paying off, and this morning I was able to get my size 8 Oasis jeans on, and they fit. If you call looking like a badly stuffed sausage with bits and pieces spilling over the sides fitting. Anyway, I got those babies on, in a fashion, and I'd very much like to be slipping them on comfortably again, without inducing a hernia.

Although it sounds small, an 8 (UK) isn't a particularly small size for someone of my height - I'm about 5.05 feet or 1,54 meters. Anyway, it's not (or at least it shouldn't be) about dress size, but I just really liked it when my body was leaner - it felt healthy, and I had more energy. Also, when I carry extra weight, my lower back suffers a lot - something I'm not particularly looking forward to during pregnancy.

Having lost the weight, and then gained most of it back, I now know exactly what the culprits are: Alcohol, bread, chips (french fries), potatoes, sugar, and no exercise. We were also eating three meals a day on holiday, and swigging back the beers, and I'm not ashamed to say I loved every moment of it.

Now, however, it's back to reality, and I don't fancy having to go clothes shopping for bigger sizes again. This is in fact one of the biggest incentives for me to slim down, considering it's January and I'm broke thanks to my tax bill. God, bloody tax. There I was thinking I'd fill in the self assessment thing online, and the computer would switch into audio mode of someone laughing hysterically. I thought I earned so little that they'd want to give me money back rather than take it. Oh how very foolish of me.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure you should be dieting if you want to get pregnant?

letters from london said...

I'm not dieting, I've just changed my diet - eating healthy stuff, which tends to be brown (brown rice, pasta) instead of white, more fruit and veg, avoiding junk etc. If you eat in this way and don't over-eat, chances are you're going to lose the excess weight whether you like it or not.