Thursday, January 25, 2007

Victoria Beckham's blog

"Vision in red"

Let it not be said that my blog doesn't offer a public service. Friends, family, and fellow countrymen, I offer you something that will change your life. Yes sirree, it's none other than Victoria Beckham's official website - with a photo blog comprising various pictures of her from her mobile phone. I'm not sure who the poor bastard is that has to take all the pictures of her getting onto her private jet, getting off of her private jet, sitting in her private jet, making calls on her private jet, but I feel sorry for him/her.

It's a bit slow, but that could be because they announced it on the radio tonight and it's had hundreds of hits. Also the links on the bottom tend to work better than those on the left.

Check it out - go forth and be enriched.

Photo's c/o VB's blog.

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