Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tightening my belt

I'd love to say the title refers to my weight loss, but although I have lost some weight, it's not really in belt tightening territory yet.

When we were kids my dad, who was self employed, would tell us from time to time that we needed to 'tighten our belts,' meaning it was a slow work period and we had to be careful with our spending. Well, following our wedding(s) last year, and a holiday in Australia, we had a belt tightening kind of January. Actually, I'm amazed at how little I spent this month (tax bill aside), and it's kind of a good feeling knowing that when I need to curtail my spending I can, and it's not actually that painful. Also, having recently cleaned out my cupboards, it makes me realise that if I am just a bit better at organising them, I'll find that I have plenty of cool things to wear. It's amazing how many clothes I never wear simply because they are hidden under a dozen other things on a hanger, or shoved into the corner of a drawer in the spare room.

I imagine this house buying business will mean a few more months of belt tightening, but again, it's not something I mind that much. Not drinking does help, as Diet Cokes are decidedly cheaper than wine or beer, though admittedly not nearly as much fun.

Angelina Jolie's mother, Marcheline Bertrand, died this week after losing her seven year battle against cancer. She was 56. A bunch of eejits over on Dlisted (in the comments section, not the authors) were voicing their opinions about the state of the relationship between the two women. 'They were very close,' 'They weren't on speaking terms,' 'Angelina should have put her career on hold while here mother was so sick,' 'That's why she looked so serious at the Golden Globes,' etc etc. And these are some of the more polite comments - you don't want to know what some of the other wildly inappropriate/unrelated ones were like.

Who can know or even begin to imagine what her relationship with her mother was like, and what she must be going through after her death? It's one of those things about the blogosphere that I dislike - this ability that everybody and their dog has to comment on every aspect of people's personal lives. There's a time to have a laugh about narcissistic foibles, and then there's a time to shut the f*ck up, and let people be.

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