Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Isn't it obvious - I have a penis!

As far as daytime soaps go, as a kid I was a huge fan of something called 'Loving', which was then surpassed by 'The Bold and the Beautiful'. Later, at university, my American friend Lowri got me into 'Days of Our Lives'.

From a young age I was taught that strong silent men with names like Ridge, Storm, or Rock, who treated women appallingly, and were prone to overly-long dramatic pauses (usually before an ad break or at the climactic end of an episode) were worth waiting or even faking your death for. Long red nails and being a brunette usually meant you were an evil woman, who bizarrely valued power and a career over the love of someone like Ridge, Storm, or Rock. And no matter how sweet, loving and kind you were, the man you married would inevitably develop multiple personality disorder, sleep with your long-lost sister, or have to undergo a quadruple bypass right after you'd just had the longed-for triplets Tiffany, Trinity, and Tina. Those were the rules, and life was never fair.

This morning I was sorely tempted to revert to my old soap-watching ways (no wonder life has been so dull lately) when I saw this clip from a show called All My Children.

I'm not sure what's more disturbing - the incredibly weird and hard to place English accent - which resembles the way the camped-up aliens used talk on the original Star Trek TV series, or the dizzying unresponsiveness on the part of the co-stars in the face of such a dramatic reveal. It's a close call.

Thanks to Dlisted for the tip.

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