Friday, January 05, 2007

Jet lag, weight gain, tax returns

Unlike a tax return, cold sore cream, or a friend who repeatedly makes plans to meet and stands you up, jet lag is fairly reliable. So here I am, 4.30am - wide awake. I was lying in bed quietly trying to contemplate whether or not to just lie there and hope I fell asleep again, or get up and sort through my holiday photos, when I heard a rather awake voice ask me if I were awake too. Yes, Roberto is equally chipper at this ungodly hour, so the both of us have decided to give up the fight and get up. I imagine his employees are going to be very impressed at the early hour he arrives at work. Don't get used to it guys!

The other side-effect of having jet lag, is that it makes you think about all sorts of things: Doing ones tax return (mine is due the end of this month thanks to about five scary-looking reminders from the tax department), weight-loss or in my case gain (2.3 kilos thank you very much), getting a driving license ( I foolishly promised to learn how to drive this year), and my up-coming birthday and whether or not to have a party - to name just a few things that are swirling around my head like cartoonish budgies.

This holiday also gave me lots of time to think about things I want to do this year, most of which rely on massive self discipline and require willpower of herculean proportions. Fairly typical start of the year kind of thinking.

Oprah has gone and lost a ton of weight (according to an Aussie magazine), and puts it down to cutting out white foods (white bread, white rice, white pasta, potatoes) and switching them for wholewheat/brown ones, not eating past 7.30pm, opting for low-fat diary options, and massively reducing alcohol, fried foods, and sugar. Oh, and getting exercise. Fairly standard stuff - very Patrick Holford in fact. I'm going to get back into this type of eating pronto, because I don't much care for the spare tyre I've recently re-acquired, tan or no tan.

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