Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Enough is enough

Heather Mills McCartney's sister, Fiona Mills, has spoken out about the hate campaign against her sister on Heather's official website. Check it out here.

Last week rumours were circulating that Paul had offered Heather a settlement which included 60+ million pounds, and houses in London and Beverly Hills. Speculation was rife that he wanted to settle so that claims of his alleged abuse against her would not have to be aired in the courts. But according to Fiona Mills, these rumours are rubbish, and nothing has been offered as yet.

I'm kind of split down the middle in my feelings about them. I don't think she's an angel, by no means, and her past, or rather the way she paints her past, seems very dodgy. But at the same time, she's still doing some great work campaigning against the fur trade and the cruelty of animals, and equally doing some commendable work on the landmine/prosthetic limb front.

Once she married him, she could have easily sat on her backside and shopped, or put her name on the arse of a pair of jeans, but she chose to continue her cause work. Should she get half his fortune - I don't think so. I reckon a house to live in and money to raise their little girl would be good. At least that is what I would ask for were I in her position.

As for Paul, well, I personally don't find it so hard to believe that the guy could be controlling and possibly have problems with drink and drugs. His an ex Beatle for gods sakes - why does it take such a leap of imagination to consider he may have substance abuse and/or control issues?

Either way - I imagine this business will get a lot nastier before it gets better. If I was her, once the divorce is over, I'd take my money and settle in a warm distant place, far away from the paps and Stella McCartney.

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