Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Curves are cool

I went to meet some friends at Home House tonight, or rather, last night (as it's half past midnight), and there was a throng of paparazzi outside. I think they were hosting the London fashion awards inside, ahead of London fashion week - but don't qoute me.

I had to thread my way through to get to the door, and a couple of them took my picture. I never thought I'd say this, but I found it very invasive. I mean, I'm a nobody to them, but just in case, they took my photo. As far as I'm concerned, celebrities sign up to all that stuff - it goes with the job, but they had no right to take my picture without asking me - especially on a bad hair day! They probably rubbed their hands together and thought, 'Hmm, this one, whoever she is, will make a good shot for the 'What were they thinking???!!!' pages.

I was genuinely worried about going out tonight, as it was my first night out with friends - friends with whom I usually happily knock back two or three bottles of wine - without drinking. I'm not sure exactly what I was worried about - perhaps that I might not have as much fun or more so, be as much fun if I was sober? Well, I'm glad I braved it, because I had a great evening. I remember all the conversations I had, didn't behave like a lush, didn't smoke, and have no hangover to dread tomorrow. On the minus side to all this wholesome Pollyanna shyte - I'm wide awake thanks to four Diet Cokes today. You know what they say about switching one crutch for another.

I watched the first episode in the seventh series of America's Next Top Model this evening (taped). Tyra Banks has gained weight - I don't mean this as a criticism, it's simply a (well-known) observation. And if this year's awards ceremonies have taught us anything, it's that curves are back and very in right now. Just look at the gorgeous Jennifer Hudson (Dream Girls) at the Golden Globes, and America Fererra (Ugly Betty) at the Sags. These women rocked the red carpet, and showed that you can look every bit as beautiful and glamorous with a bit of meat on your bones, and in fact even better in those dresses because you have something to fill them out with.

I don't think Tyra has quite adjusted to her new body shape, because in this series of ANTM, she is sporting huge hair. I mean huge - like drag queen huge. The result is that her tiny face is swamped, and she looks dumpy instead of curvy and sexy. I think she's hiding behind all that hair, but it does her no favours. I think she should lose the weave - or at least get it cut into a fashionable shag, and work those curves instead of trying to hide them.

Photo: America Fererra c/o Perez

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