Sunday, December 10, 2006

The world's most attractive woman revealed

Thanks to a survey that Grazia magazine did (polling 4000 people), we now know what men, well at least UK men, think is the perfect woman. This information is of vital importance to every woman out there, and your life will be that much more rich and fufilled if you read this.

In summary, the perfect woman would be:
"... a nurse from Sheffield who looks like Angelina Jolie, and has hair like Kelly Brook. She is not too good-looking as it 'terrifies men' - but has legs like Gisele. She wears floral dresses, pencil skirts, fitted blouses, red lipstick, and drinks Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc."
The more detailed report reveals:

Men like women who like:
Cooking (74%)
Going to the gym (74%)
Playing golf (74%) - huh?
Fine wine and dining (69%)
Going to the pub (46%)
Housework (33%)
Watching sports on TV (29%) - phew!

They don't like women who:
Never exercise (98%)
Collect things (94%) - bang goes the Barbie collection
Likes the Internet/MSN (88%)
Go on about the environment (86%)

Men like you to:
Shower daily (96%)
Wax your legs (80%)
Wear natural-looking makeup (79%)

They don't like you to:
Ditch the makeup (91%)
Get or aspire to cosmetic surgery (97%)
Have your teeth over-whitened (97%)

Fun-loving (82%)
Makes him laugh (79%)
Confident (70%)
Laughs at his jokes (66%)

Turn-offs: (no stats supplied)
Loud or brash
Needs a father figure
Too chatty

The hottest celebrity would be made up of the following attributes:
Best face: Angelina Jolie
Hair: Kelly Brook
Body: Scarlet Johansson
Legs: Gisele

As for blokes, the most attractive one would be,
"A doctor from Newcastle who looks like Johnny Depp, has George Clooney's hair, the body of Daniel Craig (amen), and Vince Vaughn's humour. He loves cooking, and wears cashmere sweaters in winter and flip flops in summer."
Check out the 11 December issue of Grazia magazine for more.

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