Monday, December 11, 2006

Madonna loves animals

Sometimes you get the feeling that Madonna likes to stir trouble, just for the sake of it. Oh, and to get column space too, naturally.

She's already the focus of international criticism thanks to adopting a Malawian child, and apparently contravening Malawian adoption laws by doing so. And now she steps out in a controversial chinchilla fur coat.

According to Splash News:
Madonna is already at war with PETA (Ethical Treatment of Animals) for previous crimes, but that didn't stop her wearing fur last night. She stepped out with hubby Guy Richie, wrapped up all cosy and warm in a coat made from Chinchillas (according to the Daily Mail). She added more insult to injury by wearing the animal coat with boots designed by her close vegetarian friend Stella McCartney.
Other sources reveal that while at dinner on the night of Furgate, Madonna and husband Richie had a blazing row. Apparently he accused her (quite loudly) of being controlling. Madonna, controlling? Noooo, surely not!

Photo c/o
Splash News. Photographer Tony Brady

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