Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A hairy issue

Do you remember when that photo of Julia Roberts flashing a, god forbid, hairy armpit at the 1999 Notting Hill premier caused such a stir? Well it turns out she's not the only one too busy to shave, and at a breakfast hosted by the Hollywood Reporter in conjunction with the publication of its 15th annual Women In Entertainment Power 100 list, a few other Hollywood ladies (including Maggie Gyllenhaal) said they too had hairy moments. Continue Reading.

I really like Maggie Gyllenhaal - you can imagine her with hairy armpits, spot cream, and cellulite. Unlike Victoria Beckham who claims to be a girls girl (sheah right!), Gyllenhaal really is one. She's so cool that you can almost forgive her the whole Heidi plait thing she had going a while back.

Re. the response to the Julia Roberts pictures, I'd like to blame it on men, and how they have these double standards - being all hairy and sometimes sweaty themselves, yet giving us a hard time if we do the same. But knowing our healthy firmly instilled sense of self-loathing, I reckon the biggest objectors to Julia's furriness were probably women. I mean, how could she let the team down that way? Shocking.

In the 2006 December Heat annual, they asked a few celebs how they approach their grooming down there and most of the women were into Hollywood (all off) or Brazilian waxes. I'd totally do it again if they put me under anaesthetic that is, but for some strange inexplicable reason, I haven't found a salon willing to do this. If you do, let me know.

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travass said...

For years I have been obsessed with hairy armpits and legs are both sexy and beautiful. My friends give much strife because I date a girl I guess you call a earth girl or hippie who does not shave her armpits or legs. I respect the fact that she does not bend to social expectations that women must shave their armpits and legs to be considered socially acceptable. She stand by the fact that it natural for women to have hair on both their armpits and legs or god would not have put it there. I love her for the very fact that she does not entertain men's expectations that she must do it or else. After researching women shaving their armpits and legs I was surprised to find out that it is just been in the last 50 years or so that it was expected that a woman shave those most delicate areas. I just wanted to know what both other women and men think about this subject. Am I crazy to love hairy women or am I a freak. Any thought or comments will be appreciated. Thanks for your replies.

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