Friday, December 08, 2006

Friends and family plug: PT's biscuits

My friend and some-time employer, Paul, has launched these incredibly good biscuits. I know they are good, because I was one of the tasting guinea pigs when he was toiling away with recipes. "More chocolate, more peanut butter!" I cried, wiping crumbs away from my mouth. To which Paul responded I might think less about biscuits and more about my work. Oh, and another day down the gym wouldn't hurt either.

Seriously though, these biscuits are good. Paul's one of those weird perfectionist types, so he put a lot of effort and fine ingredients into making what he considered to be the perfect biscuit/cookie. They are so good in fact that they are now available for posh toffs in Virgin Upper class. Next it will be coffee shops, restaurants, and from there - world domination.

Check out Pauls PT's biscuit website here, and spread the word.

PS: If anyone else wants me to advertise their wares - specifically really expensive cosmetics, shoes (Jimmy Choo's that sort of thing) and or handbags - please feel free to contact me, and include a lot of free samples that I get to keep. It would be my pleasure, really.

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