Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Frat Boys: 0 - Borat: 1

If you've seen Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, you'll remember the scene with the frat boys in that Winnebago (or whatever it is those large motorised homes are called), picking up Borat, and basically behaving like a bunch of eejits.

Well two of them were so embarrassed and ashamed of how they were 'portrayed', i.e. regretting their sexist, somewhat racist comments, they took the case to a superior court judge, asking that their scene be cut from all future DVD and theatrical releases of the film.

According to E Online:
"... the plaintiffs' main argument, which is that, because the film's crew took them to a bar beforehand, they were too drunk to know what they were agreeing to when they signed a release form. And because they were told that the footage would never be shown in the U.S., the pair's complaint states, they engaged in behavior that they otherwise would not have engaged in."
Well the judge thought otherwise, and has decided that their scene will not be cut from future releases of the movie. E Online states:
"Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Joseph Biderman ruled Monday that John Does 1 and 2 (as they are listed in court documents) had failed to show a "reasonable probability of success on the merits" or that collecting monetary damages would not be enough to remedy the situation."
Basically the judge noted that he "didn't see people falling down or unable to articulate what they were saying." Continue reading.

Hmmm, I think they should call this sort of defence 'A Gibson.'

Photo c/o movies.yahoo.com

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