Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dodi and Diana; Another enquiry

The outcome of yet another enquiry into the death of Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana is due imminently, and reports are leaning towards the following outcome: An accident, pure and simple. No conspiracy theory folks, sorry. Unless the conspiracy was to get their driver very drunk and high, and chase him by the paparazzi so that he drove too fast and lost control of the car. It's possible.

I don't know why it is people have such difficulty accepting this outcome, when so many thousands are killed each year as the result of speeding, and drink-driving.

What this very tragic and unfortunate event does teach us is (a) Wear your seat belt (apparently they weren't wearing theirs), (b) Do not drive when you are drunk, and (c) Don't let someone who has been drinking drive you. And finally, yes, the paparazzi are an evil bunch of bastards who invade people's personal space sometimes to the degree that they endanger them. This really does need to be addressed on a legal basis.

See here for some of the more well-known conspiracy theories.

Photo c/o: wwtdd

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