Tuesday, November 28, 2006


There's a certain irony, I guess, in that the day all those nasty Britney crotch shots surface, I had to go and expose my own self for an internal exam with the nurse. Fortunately there was no pain this time, just the usual abject humiliation. Still, I guess it could be worse, I mean guys get a finger up the bottom - eeew.

Right, onto less revulsive topics

It's still oddly warm for this time of year in London. This makes me think there may be something more to this global warming business that Tony Blair keeps banging on about, than just a handy diversion tactic for the fact that our soldiers should not be in Iraq or Afghanistan.

I had a massive clear-out of my bathroom cupboards today, getting rid of all the half-used Dr. Hauschka, Espa, Shiseido, Estee Lauder, and Liz Earle products I no longer use. I really have to stop this cosmetic hoarding business I have going - it's an expensive and clutter-inducing habit.

I bought this week's issue of Hello! magazine, and they really do have official (not all previously seen before) photos of TomKat's wedding. So if you're keen to see them, pick up a copy.

On a final note, did anyone get into the US TV series Weeds? Robert and I were a bit late to discover it, and recently watched season I, and are now firmly into season II. We are totally and utterly hooked. It is the funniest and sharpest dialogue I've heard on TV in a long time. The casting and acting is brilliant, and the episodes fly by. If you are keen on a smart, outlandish, sometimes shocking, hilarious, and entertaining bit of television that is incredibly well written - this is a must see.

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