Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes wedding photos

I know I ate a lot of meat in South Africa, and it may be causing me to see things in a strange way, but really, tell me, is it just me or does any one else think that Katie Holmes's little midget fringe is odd? What exactly is its function? Don't get me wrong, the girl is looking beautiful, but I still don't get that little fringe.
As for the wedding hairstyle, well, I can't say I'm that impressed. Especially after all the fuss was made about having Jessica Simpson's celebrity stylist, Ken Paves, flown in to do Katie's hair for her big day. Her hair for the pre-wedding dinner (top photo) at which J-Lo apparently tried to upstage everyone at (including the bride-to-be), looks a lot more coiffed. In the wedding photos however, it looks as though she just put it up herself at the last minute. Weird.

And on the subject of their wedding photos, if you want to see them, DON'T waste your money buying this week's copy of OK! magazine (UK edition). The crappy mags's cover boasts that inside it contains 'THE ONLY OFFICIAL OK! WEDDING ALBUM,' when even the cover pic of the couple is just the main pres-released image (that everyone got -and which you see here) blown up - so much so that it's pixelated. Inside there's only one wedding photo of the couple (surprise surprise - the same one which appears on the cover!) and the rest of the so-called 'album' contains the same paparazzi shots of people like the emaciated VB arriving with her wannabe sister, that we've all seen. Save money and check out the photos for free on

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Lou said...


I think Vanity Fair are doing the photos for the TomKat wedding - not sure when it's out though!

And OK always do that - pretend they have the pics when they don't! So annoying!