Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday morning yada

Winter has finally landed here in London, after a strangely warm autumn. But it feels more like a South African winter; bloody cold outside, but the sun is shining, so not too bad really. Definitely time to invest in a decent coat, a hat, and some gloves though.

I think a coat is something, like a classic handbag, that is definitely worth spending more on rather than opting for a cheaper fashionable one. A good classic cut and quality fabric will ensure that coat lasts you for years and years - with only the dry-cleaning requirement from time to time. I spent a day last week going around shops looking for such a coat, and all of them were far too thin to the touch. There's no way something that thin is going to keep you warm. I think I may make a visit to Selfridges or Harvey Nicks and check out their selection.

And speaking of hats, coats and gloves, Victoria Beckham's new fashion tips book, 'That extra half an inch' is getting slammed by fashion experts (designers, stylists etc). The general feeling is that it's a bit basic and obvious, and the tips are more useful to women who are a toothpick like Posh, rather than say, a larger sized woman. One reviewer said that if you wanted to take a peek into VB's closet and life, then it was interesting from that perspective, but not good for much else. Another said that she was writing it under the assumption that she was a fashion icon, and though there is no doubt the lady knows how to dress, her style is far too thought through, and not nearly as creative and intuitive as say someone like Kate Moss - who is definitely a style icon. Oops.


magazeen said...

Try Max Mara for a good coat!

Your Dilemma said...

Harvey Nicks?