Saturday, November 04, 2006

Madonna is a good mother

You know how Victoria Beckham is always going on about what a 'girls girl' she is, only everyone knows she isn't. And you know that if you walked up to her in a night club and offered her a Bacardi Breezer and to go to the bathroom together to put on lipstick, she'd say no, and then get her security guys to rugby tackle you to the ground before taking you outside to kneecap you?

Well, I had a similar thought when I read the transcript of an interview Madonna did this week with the NBC-TV's Dateline. I'm going to cut and paste some of her more idiotic statements, but if you want to read the full interview you can see it here.

Madonna wants to come across as all like - you know, I'm just this regular mom doing my thing, and sometimes I get like this need for 'me time' and you know like it's totally normal and what other women do too. The difference being that Madonna is not like other moms, because she has a small army of people to look after her kids, and her household, which effectively leaves a hell of a lot of 'me time.' I can't really see her going into her kids room at 2am and cleaning up a nasty diaper following a bout of diarrhea. I imagine there is diarrhea person to deal with such things.

But what is even more jarringly stupid, is that the comments made in the interview came from a woman who is facing international criticism at her recent purchase adoption of a Malawian child who still has family is an orphan. Most people who want to adopt (in the real we don't have a million bucks world) have to wait for years and have a rigorous screening process to check that they will provide a stable and loving home for a child, and more so, show a desperate heart-wrenching eagerness to be parents. You can bet your hairy ass that if these people were interviewed and said things like:
"I have to be mom and and wife and there are times when I should have, you know, hung out with my kids, and I just said, "No, I need a massage. I'm gonna do that instead. You know? And I’m gonna be selfish."
They could kiss that child goodbye.

I'm not slating massages mind you - I frequently have them myself. But then I'm not touring 99% of the year, and having them on my one day off with my kids. (If I had kids that is).

But it gets worse.
Interviewer: "Well, you could be home like that, if you wanted to. You’ve made all the money you ever need to make. You've got a nice life."

Madonna: "Uh-huh," (agreeing) and added: "Well, I obviously I have things I want to say and accomplish... and I don't... "Just staying home and looking after my children and being a mother and a wife is not what I want. I want more."

Asked if her kids ever complained:

Madonna: "Yeh. Definitely. Especially my oldest daughter."

Interviewer: "What does she say?"

Madonna: "You know it was just, 'Ah! I can’t wait till this is over with and we can have you back'. "And you know, my son would say, 'How much longer is this gonna go on for? I mean, when are you gonna just be home?"

I don't know about you, but after reading this I am 100% reassured that Madonna is the best mother that baby could have. He's a lucky kid that little Davie.

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