Monday, November 27, 2006

J-Lo and Posh discuss fashion label

Oh god have mercy, like the world doesn't have enough unpleasantness in it, now rumour has it that fur-loving J-Lo and Victoria Beckham aka The Toothpick, appeared to find common ground at TomKat's wedding, and even discussed designing a fashion line together. I can just imagine how the conversation went:

J-Lo (lying through her teeth): I love your hat.
Posh: Oh thank you darling - I was channeling the Scientology theme - you know, the flying saucer look.
J-Lo (cringing): Yes, um, well you look er fabulous.
Posh: Thank you darling - you look fabulous too. Have you read my book?
J-Lo: The crappy, I mean, fashion tips one? Er, no, but I'll have my PA order it right now (makes to go for her blackberry).
Posh: No need sweetie - it just so happens I have some here (snaps her fingers for her lackey sister Louise to get one out of a large bag).
J-Lo: Ooh er, thank you. Listen, it was lovely catching up but I really need to go and mingle.
Posh: Ok ta love - let's get together some time and discuss clothes, throwing up, you know - life.
J-Lo (running with the greasy-looking Marc Anthony in her wake - what does that man put in his hair?!?): Yes, er, that sounds great. Byeee!

Jo-Lo then files a restraining order against Posh.

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