Saturday, November 04, 2006

Forget plastic surgery - buy Photoshop

This is the last time I saw Cybill Shepherd - which is when she appeared on the Richard and Judy Show here in the UK - back in 2004 I think. OK, so the shows hosts did say she behaved bizarrely (which might explain the electric shock hairstyle), but the woman also looks her age here, albeit after a night out drinking several vodkas.

And then today I came across this on Dlisted (and yes, that is supposed to be Cybill on the far right) advertising the 'The L Word.' Now either Cybill has undergone some radical plastic surgery, or the guys doing the promotional work deserve praise for their amazing photoshop skills. So the next time your mom looks longingly at a picture of a celebrity and says, 'She looks amazing for her age,' show her this.

Photo of Cybill Shepherd on Richard and Judy c/o

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