Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cyber-squatting bastards

For those of you who tried to come here via my coolnina97 website today, you may have noticed it's redirecting to some rather tasteless porn. By calling it tasteless I'm implying that some porn may in fact be tasteful, which I suppose is a matter of opinion. But I'm digressing.

Basically, my web url came up for renewal, and we failed to renew it because the reminder went to an email account we no longer use. As a result some Russian chap has bought it and is now using it to redirect to all sorts of unpleasantness. There is a lesson here for all of us - make sure you update your details when you switch accounts, especially if you want to avoid having your business website redirect to porn. It's not very good for business.

I apologise (profusely) to everyone who was exposed to that nastiness, especially my clients who may have been looking for my web design business pages. This will not affect your websites, it's only mine due to the domain name. We are going to try and buy it back from him, failing that, I may well need to come up with a new domain name, the thought of which depresses me beyond description.

This also explains why the letters from london banner image is missing - as it sits on my coolnina97 server. This will be fixed this evening.

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