Thursday, November 23, 2006

Catherine Zeta Jones looks different

OK, so maybe it's the meat talking again, but isn't Catherine Zeta Jones looking just a little bit odd? I hear the girl has gone and lost a ton of weight by exercising (an inspiration to one and all), but her face looks different too. I first noticed it when I saw this photo, and didn't even recognise her until I read the tag. All speculation as to the cause of this transformation welcome.

Photo c/o Dlisted


Nixta said...

Apparently she and the Dougie get "a lot of plastic surgery". Of course, they're "14th generation Bermudean" (14th could be slightly wrong, but I was drunk as he blabbed on at the table next to me), so they can afford to get the best plastic surgery known to man. Yep, even the kind that Jacko can't afford.

Of course, if you want plastic surgery to make your face look shorter, then even the best will make you look weird.

letters from london said...

OK, so maybe I'm a little bit drunk, and tired, and more than likely not upper class enough (not even close) - so please explain the Bermudean thing, because I don't get it.