Monday, October 09, 2006


It's a slooow news day in the land of celeb, unless of course you count the fact that Paris Hilton was photog'd with what looks like dope in her purse, and that her and Nicole Ritchie had a reunion dinner. Oh, and Emma Bunton is engaged to be married. Yes, compared with the real-life soap that was last week's news, not really groundbreaking stuff. But who knows, maybe it will be discovered that Paris Hilton is not just carrying grass, but is actually a transvestite dope-dealing spy. Watch this space.

And on the subject of dope, I'll be visiting Amsterdam this coming weekend, where I've managed to track down my elusive ex Saatchi writing partner. The last time I saw Blair was outside Choppard on New Bond Street, and she was showing me a pair of shoes she'd just bought. They were beautiful, and expensive, and green I think. The next thing I hear she's moved to Amsterdam. With Blair, you just never know what's happening next, or where she's going to turn up. I'm looking forward to seeing her. I'm also looking forward to Amsterdam - having never been. I plan on taking a lot of photographs, and eating things with cheese and cream in them (bang goes the diet). I don't think I'll be visiting a cannabis cafe's because that stuff just makes me even more paranoid than I already am. Now it's one thing being paranoid, but quite another being paranoid in a strange city, with a lot of watery canals to fall into, and creamy cheesy things to pig out on. Not a good idea.

I want to go and visit the house where Anne Frank and her family were hidden. I know it's cliché, but what the hell - when in Rome. I'd also like to go and check out the red-light district, and perhaps take some artsy street shots, though hopefully I won't get shouted at and nearly chased as I was the last time I tried to do the same thing in Soho. Strangely enough, prostitutes don't seem to like having their photo taken as they lean on a doorframe and have a fag break.

I visited Friends Reunited recently, and it's frightening how many of my old school mates have children. Most of their pictures are of their kids, or of them proudly holding their kids. There are various outfits and poses, but the message is the same: 'Here is my spawn, and I am proud.'

I have many childless and unmarried friends in London so it's never really felt like a big deal. But back in South Africa, a lot of my friends have children now, and their social lives involve getting together with other friends with children and the kids are becoming friends in their own right, which I think is kind of cool. I still can't believe that that irresponsible bunch of maniacs I used to hang out with are now responsible parents, it's very strange, mostly because I still feel very much like an irresponsible maniac myself.

Robert and I are talking about starting our own family in the near future, and I've decided that until that time I'm going to allow myself a period of great irresponsibility and bad behavior. This is probably the last time for many many years I'll be able to legitimately behave this way, without berating myself for being a bad mother, or being told I'm an embarrassing one by my kids. Though in the case of the latter, I think when they become teenagers, it's required from time to time.

My own mother kind of gave up going out when we were small. There were no parties or late nights, and she didn't drink or (god forbid) smoke. Personally I don't think you have to be that extreme, there's nothing wrong with hiring a baby-sitter from time to time, or enjoying a glass or two of wine. But I don't like the idea of being drunk around children - especially when they are very little. God knows when you are sober it's hard enough to work out what is wrong with a child that is sick (and can't tell you what the problem is), let alone when you are six sheets to the wind. And as for smoking - far too many kids get asthma and all sorts from living in a smoking household, so I think if you need a fag, it's better to have it outside.

But until then … .

Update: A friend of mine commented that read in a certain way this post looks as though I'm implying that not being married or having children is somehow a negative. I apologise if it came out that way, and hand on my heart, it wasn't my intention. Possibly it's my phrasing, which isn't always great based on the fact that I write a lot of my posts either early in the morning (10am - early for me) or late at night.

What I was trying to say (badly is seems), is that comparied to my friends in South Africa and old schoolmates (who are either married, or have children, or both) the majority of my friends in London are not. I'm not sure if this is a cultural difference, of living in a city thing, or what. And yes, there's a part of me which, I guess developmentally, wonders if I should also be having children about now. This is a personal growing up thing, and by no means a comment on anyone else's life, or how they choose to live it.

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