Monday, October 09, 2006

Victoria Beckham looks nasty naked

Yep, from the horses' mouth. I have a feeling that was one of those interview comments made so that everyone would be like, "What? You? Victoria Beckham butt ugly in your birthday suit? Never! You're like so beautiful and perfect, and we so wish we all had a gorgeous body like you *sigh*" Only I don't think anyone would say that, because should anyone actually be brave enough to entertain a visual image of VB naked, they'd have to agree with her. Scary - scareeey.

These pre and post pictures of Elizabeth Hurley don't have anything at all to do with the story on Victoria Beckham naked (and ugly - apparently), except I think some of these celebs need a reminder of their pre-botox, pre-collagen pre-stylist days from time to time. Is that a scrunchie?

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