Tuesday, October 17, 2006


For once the bitchy blogosphere is at a loss for words when it comes to Britney. Fact is, as these recent pictures show, the girl is looking good - and has lost a ton of weight. The hair could use a better (and consistant) colour, and I might suggest a more effective bra for support - but aside from that, not bad - not bad at all. It's also good to see her in something other than her customary flip-flops and denim shorts.

I've noticed there have been a few hits to my blog because of my mention of Jade Goody's mum Jackiey's recent plastic surgery makeover. I found these before and after pics in Heat magazine and scanned them in for your perusal. She also got a pair of massive new boobs (not visible in these pics, obviously), and because she already had quite a neat little figure on her, she looked dynamite in a purple evening gown on the night of her reveal. Personally I thought those boobs were a bit on the big side for her small frame, but she seemed delighted with them - which is what counts.

Photos: Britney c/o wwtdd.com
Jackiey Goody c/o Heat magazine, 14-20 October 2006

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