Tuesday, October 24, 2006

This week I'll be mostly

I popped out at lunch-time to run a few errands, and the shops here in London are already full of Christmas goodies. I don't know why, because Robert and I are not even doing the traditional Christmas thing this year, but I'm all in the mood. I wish shops would sell little mini trees, the sort of ones that sit on tables and have mini decorations. I've seen the mini decorations, but the only mini trees I've seen are silver, bright pink or white - the sort of thing teenage girls or advertising agencies favour. Speaking of teenage girls, Superdrug is brim-full of gorgeous gifts for this age-group. If I were one, I'd drag my mother there and drop massive hints - they have everything from makeup sets, to hair kits, manicure sets etc.

Paperchase are full of Christmas wrapping and cards and stuff. Ah Christmas cards - the next big con next to packaged lettuce leaves. I know I'm not cheap - I blow too much money to be cheap, but the price of Christmas cards never fails to get up my nose. £4.50 for a packet of 5 semi decent ones - anything less is printed on thin paper with a shitty sentimental image on the front or some lame picture of a reindeer banging into the side of a building which no-one finds funny. There are a handful of people who keep Christmas cards, but most of the time they stand on the fireplace for a couple of weeks, and then get chucked away with the last of the Christmas turkey. I'm thinking of doing my own Christmas cards this year, after we spent nearly £70 on them last year. No kidding - it's extortion, or we're idiots. Probably both.

In the news, Lilly Allen's new music video for 'The Littlest Things' is out, and the song is great. She's made quite a lot of publicity for herself, mostly because she slags off other celebs like Madonna. Most recently she slated Sir Bob Geldof's daughter, Peaches:
"I would kick her over then kick her even harder when she was down. I would probably like, stamp on my can of Magners and then stab her in the ear. She (Peaches) did this documentary about Islam and it was really awful ... What do you know about Islam you useless oaf?"
O-kay then. Because what we really need are famous violent teens as role models for our kids. Her attitude reeks of 'I want attention', which is a bit sad really, but in spite of that the girl's music is good.

Madonna is all set to go on Oprah this week to explain her reasons for adopting little David Bana. I'll be interested to see what Oprah has to say about the whole thing.

The above picture of Kirsten Dunst doesn't really have a story attached to it, other than the fact that I think her teeth are scary. Lest we forget that Dunst was lucky enough to star alongside Brad Pitt (and get to kiss him) in 'Interview with the vampire' when she was little. Seems that movie made a lasting impression on her.

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