Tuesday, October 03, 2006


According to recent statistics: One in five women will struggle with an eating disorder, and one in seven who suffer from an eating disorder will die from it.

HBO have made a new film called 'Thin' a debut documentary by photographer Lauren Greenfield. According to Oceania:

In 1997, while on assignment for Time magazine, she began documenting the lives of patients at the Renfrew Center in Coconut Grove, Florida, a 40-bed residential facility for the treatment of women with eating disorders. Greenfield returned to Renfrew to take additional photographs, and was eventually given unprecedented access to film the patients'’ daily lives over a period of six months. The resulting film, focusing on the struggles of four young women with anorexia, offers a unique window into the complicated and difficult process of treatment, the culture of rehab, and the experience of battling an eating disorder.
This film screened at Sundance, and was very well received. One such review from Cinematical states:
Thin is a film worthy of praise - one that shows real pain but also real healing, that shows people trying to change their lives every numb, aching step of the way instead of dissolving to a Hollywood-style montage that makes effort and agony into a music video. Thin is heart-wrenchingly good: A film that knows exactly how much pain there is in the world, and doesn't flinch from showing us the hard work and challenges of trying to heal some of it.
Thin is due to hit US screens in November, but you can get a preview of the film here c/o people.com.

Picture c/o genciencia.com


Anonymous said...

will be screened over two days at the London Film Festival. also the book will be excerpted by Guardian Magazine and Marie Claire UK

letters from london said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll post this further up so people can know about it.