Sunday, October 29, 2006

There goes another one

I used to love Dolly Parton when I was a kid. Maybe it was her beautiful voice, or all those incredible blonde wigs (how I wished I had a collection of wigs like that!) or perhaps it was the glamorous outfits encasing that wonderful barbie-doll figure. Probably a combination of these things, but Dolly was my idea of the perfect woman - feminine, glamorous, and very very blonde.

So I was genuinely sad to see recent pictures (top right) of her resembling something closer to the Joker rather than the bubbly gorgeous woman from my youth. Jesus, look at that mouth, and those teeth. Not to mention the incredibly pulled-back skin. With her naturally beautiful looks, I thought if anyone could age gracefully, she could. Clearly she wasn't going to take any chances, and I honestly think she's ruined her face as a result. She doesn't look younger, she looks ugly and cartoonish.

One woman that has let herself age gracefully - though not let herself go (two different things entirely!) is Jean Smart from Designing Women (another show I used to love). She is still very attractive and well put-together, but looks her age, and not like some alien stretched-skin creature.

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