Sunday, October 29, 2006

Letters from London switches over to beta

I finally overcame my phobia of joining the rest of the civilised blogspot community and switched over to beta. This took some inner strength, after my last attempt resulted in approximately a year's work on coolnina97 being 'lost' somewhere during the cross-over process. Now when I log in to coolnina97 using the old blogger version, all my 'lost' posts are visible in my files, however try as I might, I cannot seem to re-publish them. If I log in using the new beta version, these posts are missing, but I can now add new posts.

Anyway, bygones and all that.

The switch-over for this blog was a success and I have to say, I'm enjoying the new functionality of beta. It's so much quicker than the old version, and it also lets you customize how your blog looks - colours, text etc, without requiring that you read and write code. Saying that, I still needed the ever-whizzy Roberto to upload my banner image in the html. They need to add the ability to easily upload an image to the blog title area in the layout application to their new bag of tricks.

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