Thursday, October 05, 2006

Some weird shit, seriously

Usually it's a slow news day. Not much more than a few photos of celebs showing off their knickers or getting sauced. And let's face it, that's an average Thursday night for the rest of us mere mortals, so not really newsworthy in my opinion. But today, well, this week - there is a cornucopia of dirt - enough material for a gritty Greek tragedy or six. What to choose? What to choose? It's like being in the shoe section of a designer discount mall, total sensory overload. Anyhoo, here are a few of my favourite stories:

This cover of the 2007 Ikea catalogue has people wondering if someone had photoshopped a human penis into the crotch of the dog. Ikea says it's the dog's leg, and hopes it's customers will look past the 'unfortunate picture' and see how 'fantastic' the rest of the catalogue is. Strange but true.

OK, this isn't really a story, but this picture of Prince Harry is making the rounds. I guess it doesn't need an explanation. Impressive though. Source

And in the land of crazy celeb feuds, looks like our prayers were answered and Paris Hilton got punched in the jaw by Shanna Moakler (no I don't know who she is either). Both filed police reports following the brawl, with Moakler claiming that Paris's ex Stavros Niarchos poured a drink over her head and shoved her down some stairs. Yes really. Photos of Shanna Moakler here.

In casa de Carter (coincidentally Nick Carter being Paris Hilton's ex), the two brothers got into a brawl over the younger brother playing loud music late at night, but it turns out the fight was really about Paris. Reality TV doesn't get any more real than this.

Madonna has adopted an African child, or has she?

Finally, who is the real father of Anna Nicole Smith's child? And why is she so reticent to take a paternity test?

More to come... .

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