Friday, October 13, 2006

Pictures and shit

I'm having a particularly non-verbal day today. Probably because I've been up since about 7.30am, which is an inhuman time to expect anyone to be up at - let alone functional and literary. Herewith an assortment of pictures - mostly photos taken around London this month.

For a special treat, I'm kicking things off with a Hoff gem sent into me by Blair, who seems to be under the delusional impression that I have a thing for him. No Blair, that's my sister Chantell - who adores him, wants his babies, and is chairman of the South African Hoff fan club.
Central St Martins school of art and design student doing performance art (I think) in a class window. Charring Cross Road.

Channel 5 Promotional Teaser. Clerkenwell Road.
(Later followed by: Who says nothing good came out of America - new channel showcasing best of US film). I found the placement of this one interesting.

Me with my friend Andrea's son Jack, yesterday. Check out the gorgeous red hair!

Robert coming in for the home stretch on the Nike North/South 10k in Hyde Park

Graffiti on Tottenham Court Road


Ugly Pig said...

Gary wants to know what Robert's time was ?

Ugly Pig said...

Jack looks like his mommy !
And for the last friggin time, admit that it is YOU who loves the Hoff and let it go .... !