Saturday, October 28, 2006

Naomi still leading the way in women's rights

Today I ran 15k, cleaned out my wardrobe, and had a big plate of pasta for lunch.

Unfortunately, only two of the above things happen to be true.

The cleaning out of the wardrobe did actually happen - and though I hate doing any activity with the word 'cleaning' in it - it's always cathartic when I do. I guess I realised it had to be done when my cleaner stopped putting stuff away because, well, there was no space. And before you get images of drawers overspilling with new and exciting goodies from Top Shop, and boxes of unopened shoes, think more along the lines of old stretched jumpers, and faded vests with hair-dye stains on them. Plus clothes in about three different sizes thanks to my yo-yoing weight over the last few years.

I was pretty brutal asking myself three questions regarding each item:
1. Have I worn this in the last year? (Wearing an item to dye my hair in or pot plants doesn't count)
2. Does it fit?
3. Would it appear on a 'What were they thinking???!!!!' fashion page

OK, so not really number 3 - because let's face it, my wardrobe is full of stuff that falls into that category and I'd have nothing to wear if I chucked accordingly. But one and two were pretty sufficient, and I filled a big black plastic sack with old stuff. My wardrobe is now stream-lined and fighting fit - unlike me. (A cryptic clue to which of my three top statements is untrue perhaps?)

In the land of inane celeb news, not much to report. Naomi Campbell is still beating the crap out of her assistants, drug counselors, and anyone who can't find her a pair of jeans or a fix. I think it's good to remind all those chauvinists out there that it's not just thick men that can be aggressive and use their fists, or in the case of Naomi, mobile phone to solve their problems. You go girlfriend - girl power!

And just in case you doubt just what a bad-ass Naomi is, lest we forget the brilliant reenactment Smoking Gun TV did of the last time some weak-ass assistant tried to test her. That'll learn her.

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