Monday, October 30, 2006

Macca vs Macca (again)

The latest person to stick their ore into the whole Macca vs Macca bloodbath and spring to Paul's defence, is Heather Mills's ex (ex) husband, Alfie Karmal. Karmal reckons if anyone in that relationship was physically abusive, it was most likely her.
"We had a lot of rows, then she'd attack and slap me. Attack is the best form of defence for Heather. She kicked me off a bed once. I was kneeling and she kicked me in the chest, knocking me off backwards. It was really painful. I never hit Heather back, but I felt like it sometimes." Source
Who to believe? I reckon Heather and Paul were both into a bit of the ol slap and tickle. In fact, they probably met at some weird S&M bondage club, where couples go to beat each other, and make each other crawl when they need the loo. Initially it was dead sexy:

Paul: Heather, you're not getting to use no stinking dirty bedpan in my bedroom - if you need to go for a wee, you can damn well crawl.
Heather: Oh Paul, say 'damn well' again - god it's so sexy!

But when things got a bit dull (how many times can being lunged at with a broken wine glass still be a turn on?) - they decided to call the marriage quits. I tell you, it's tough going keeping the magic alive.

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