Thursday, October 12, 2006

Let's go shopping in Africa

In my humble 2.5 years or so of blogging, I've come to learn that when it comes to celeb news - where there's smoke, there's generally fire. You hear a bit of gossip on the blogosphere or tabloid magazine circuit, which is immediately hotly denied by the star/s in the question. A week or two later - they're selling one on one interviews or autobiographies admitting as much. It's not so much that the story was untrue, you see, it's just that they had to get the right amount of money to admit it.

The latest bit of info is that Madonna has adopted a one-year-old child from Malawi, called David. Again, when she was pictured in Malawi, doing what looked suspiciously like orphan browsing, claims that she planned to adopt were denied. There was even a qoute to the effect of, 'I don't want to do a Brangalina.' Then, yesterday, I heard on the radio news (which must be true -surely?) that she has in fact adopted.

Now, coming from Africa, and having travelled (to a small degree) within the continent, I know how poor places like Malawi are. And I imagine there are thousands of children that need a good home. But then again, there are also many many children who need to be adopted in England, and America too. But hmm, guess what, I think it's quite tough to adopt a child - bordering on nearly impossible most of the time in these countries. You get vetted for ages, and then there's the waiting game - sometimes for years. So why go through what everyone else has to? Why not go to a dirt-poor place, flash a bit of money around, and completely fast-track the process?

Sure this little kid is getting a chance here, but fundamentally I don't agree with what she has done, nor for that matter Angelina Jolie. Though Angelina, to her credit, does pour a shit-load of money into places she adopts from which benefit many other children, and attempts (so she says) to keep a home in these places, so the children don't lose their cultural connection entirely. With regards to David, this child sounds as though he has a family - there have been qoutes from his father and grandmother. Chances are the only reason he was put up for adoption in the first place is that his family cannot afford to feed him at home. It's just so sad. Why take this child out of his country and away from his family? Why not donate all that money to the orphanage and a community project, so tthat his family can get some skills, make some money, and be able to support him?

Now reports claim that Madonna's camp initially denied the adoption, so that they could drag out the story, and get some publicity for her kid shopping humanatarian efforts. Nice.

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Ugly Pig said...

I totally agree with you, what a load of bollocks ! Why doesn't she donate some of the $50 million she made last year alone to setting up an orphanage in Malawi and actually making sure that the money goes to the orphans and not some corrupt government official, who obviously expedited her so called adoption anyway - AAAHHHH!!!!

letters from london said...

I believe she is actually building an orphanage in Malawi - I subsequently came across that on bbc news I think. So that is a good thing - for whatever her reasons, it will benefit those kids. I still don't like the idea of this fast-tracking adoption business though. I also read that she is in fact being vetted etc, but I imagine it's a lot less time consuming and red-tape involved than what she'd have to go through in the UK or USA.