Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

I was browsing the photo section on people.com and came across these gems. I guess it's a weird kind of irony what with it being Halloween and all.

Lindsay Lohan works Halloween whore chic.

Ashlee Simpson leaving a theater in London. Nothing that strange about this picture right? But check out the Spy vs Spy guy in the background

Catherine Zeta Jones (yep that weird-looking woman is her) snuggles up to Queen Latifa's bosoms backstage at Glamour magazine's Women of the Year event

Julia Roberts lets a monkey sit its dirty backside on her head in Morocco. Nasty.

A frail-looking Kate Bosworth walks her dog, who actually looks healthier than her.

A Parasite Hilton fan pays homage for Halloween achieving a remarkable likeness. And he's a man. Coincidence?

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