Friday, October 06, 2006

Devilishly good

Last night Robert and I went to go and see 'The devil wears Prada.' I was skeptical, having read the book (which I love and highly recommend), and also having read reviews which said the film didn't do the book justice.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, the film was slightly different in terms of the plot, but not really in a way that bothered me. The central premise was pretty much true to the book, as were the characters. What I really liked about the film though, is that it had the opportunity to stereotype it's characters - like Nigel, the head of fashion on the magazine. I just didn't want to see another Carrie Bradshaw's gay friend (Stanford) - the camp funny sidekick. But, Nigel (played by the incomparable Stanley Tucci) turned out to be a lot more complex and well-rounded, and it's refreshing to see a creative gay man portrayed in a more multi-dimensional way.

The main character (though it's hard to tell because Streep so steals the show), played by Anne Hathaway was also believable and likeable, without falling into the saccharine cliché she may have done in order to counter-balance Streep's malevolence.

Meryl Streep was, undeniably, superb and terrifying, and reaffirms her status as my favourite actress of all time. The woman is an acting machine - there is no-one quite like her. And god, does she look gorgeous in this film.

This is a great flick on many levels: It's shot beautifully, the acting (especially Streep and Tucci) is excellent, the story draws you in from the start, and then there's the clothes - hmmm. It's not particularly high-brow, but despite being fun and uplifting, it also manages to have substance which sets it apart from so much of the commercial teen crap we get these days. Even Robert loved it - yes, he of the 'I don't like any film unless it has at least 2 car chases, an explosion, and a happy ending.'

Take the afternoon off to go see it, buy yourself a box of Maltesers, sit back, and enjoy.

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