Sunday, October 29, 2006

coolnina97 Revived

Ok, you're not going to believe this, but right after my last entry, I decided to try and migrate coolnina97 from the old blogger version to the new beta one, for the second time. As a safety measure, I changed my blogger username (because it was the same one as my googlemail account before, which is what I think caused a lot of the problems), and pressed the 'convert to beta' button while holding my breath. I thought to myself, god, I spent a couple of months of back and forth emails with those technical guys at blogger trying to sort out the problem I had previously - how would they respond if I emailed telling them I had willingly and knowingly converted and lost my blog again?

Well, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph - and all the saints, it worked. I'm still a bit gobsmacked actually - but for those of you who were hardened coolnina97 fans - all those missing entries are now visible, and the blog is up to date - right up until the 15th of August 2006 - which is the fateful night I tried the beta conversion the first-time round.

The queston then becomes - do I stick to writing on letters from london, or do I go back to coolnina97? Robert reckons to stick to letters-from-london. Until I completely make up my mind I'll keep writing on here.

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