Sunday, October 01, 2006

Back In

Praise the Lord!!! The guys at blogger FINALLY sorted out the problem I had with my coolnina97 blog, and I can access it again. It also means I haven't lost over a year of my writing. That's the good news. The bad news is that although all my posts are saved, they still aren't visible, despite me clicking on the 'republish entire blog' button a few times. I'm not too worried - I'll see if I can sort out the problem, but in the meantime I plan on continuing posting here on Letters From London.

I had a good week, despite the nasty smear test thing I had done on Friday. It was our friend's Ronnie and Colette's joint birthday drinks on Friday night - Happy Birthday girls! They are both Irish, and had me in stitches describing one of two children's TV episodes that existed in Ireland when they were little, known as 'Bosco.' This Bosco was a little red-headed puppet that left his box to go on various excursions. Interestingly, according to Wikipedia, the puppet was stolen in 2000 in a burglary, and 'photos of it in various places around the world were sent to the media.' I guess we know where they got the inspiration for the garden gnome in Amelie.

And on the subject of children, Robert and I babysat my niece Lauren yesterday. It actually went well, despite both of us being terrified she'd start howling the moment her parents left the house. But my sister and her husband prepared her for our visit, and she was excited when we got there and seemed to enjoy the afternoon with us. Naturally when her mum came home I was blatantly ignored again, but when it comes to kids, I think you have to take affection when and where you can get it.

In the world of celeb, I came across this photo of Janet Jackson looking thinner than ever. A bit of gossip related to this is that Janet claims her weight gain was for a part in a movie, called 'Tennessee'. However, recent reports state that insiders from the movie claim that Janet was never asked to gain weight for the movie, and it wasn't even a script requirement. And further proof of this lies in the fact that Mariah Carey (who is slim) will play the part. Other reports say that Janet never even had a part, and may not even have auditioned. Hmmm... .

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