Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Letters from Capri

After the whirlwind that was our wedding, mostly a good whirlwind mind you, we are now well and truly into the swing of Capri life. Specifically, we are staying at the top of Capri, known as Anacapri - a place reachable only by a narrow winding road that is at best perilous. Clearly it was designed long before anyone dreamt up cars, and the result is a dangerous road with no sidewalks, and tooth clenching overtaking on the bends. In the town this afternoon we saw a family pack their grandmother into the back of a car, with her potplant on her lap surrounded by a myriad of bags. As they waved her goodbye I noticed her cross herself, which seemed a perfectly reasonable thing to do given the hazardous nature of that road.

Our days follow a lazy sort of schedule; breakfast at 9.30 or 10, a walk or visit to a local place of interest in the morning, lunch at 2, followed by some reading at the pool and dozing, dinner at 8 and a walk back from the town to our hotel. We have made a point of eating our lunch or dinner at a different place each time, and I have never ever stayed in a place where the food is so unanimously good irrespective of the price. I am getting fat on calamari and Italian icecream, it would seem a crime to do otherwise.

Yesterday we visited the San Michele, which is the most magical place in the world. I imagined leaving my London life behind and living there so I could write, but think I would most likely become an alcoholic from overindulging in the delicious local wines, and whittle away the rest of my time sleeping in the beautiful gardens. Although this place inspires a sort of mystical creativity with it's Roman ruins and vineyards, it also creates a desire to do absolutely nothing other than be.

Tomorrow we are off on a walk to discover La Guardia and La Migliera, and on Friday we have a guide taking us to Pompei.

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