Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Just browsing

I'm gutted. I got to see the (recorded) final Britain's Next Top Model episode tonight, and Abi lost to Lianna. Great, that's exactly what the fashion industry needs - another stroppy, moody drama queen. Jeez. How could they choose Lianna over Abi? Yes she's beautiful, but the girl cries at the drop of a hat - and it seems a lot of hats get dropped when she's around. Anyway, Abi has star quality (and was the star of the show in my opinion), and I've already seen an opinion article by her in Closer magazine, and a photo spread in OK! And despite those unfortunate cocaine photos, I reckon she's around to stay.

I had a day off today and took myself to go and see the new Almodóvar film, Volver. I really enjoyed it, but as good as Penélope Cruz was, I'm just not sure I bought her as an impoverished mother, who does cleaning jobs for a living. She's just so hauntingly beautiful. Maybe I've just been too exposed to her paparazzi and red carpet photos of late, and have that image of her stuck in my mind. As good as the film was, I don't think it quite lived up to Todo sobre mi madre or Hable con ella, but still worth seeing if you're a fan of Almodovar's work or indeed Spanish cinema.

I had an annoying experience later at John Lewis, with a severly made-up elderly sales lady that just didn't get the meaning of the phrase "Thanks, I'm just browsing." Yes, I planned on buying, but I knew the brand fairly well (a fact I expressed to her on a number of occasions), and just wanted to see what new stuff they had in their range. She was following me around like a small dog with attachment issues, and then if I even blinked in the direction of something, she grabbed my hand and smeared it with the product in question. Eventually, my stock of politeness was dangerously close to running out, and I was gearing up to say, "Listen lady, I said I want to browse, so fuck off," but fortunately she found a new victim and left me to my own devices. It's one thing being a good salesperson, but quite another being pushy and annoying. Two more minutes of her and I was ready to leave without buying anything.

And in land of fugly celeb clothing, what is it with Victoria Beckham and those frilly tutu-style dresses she's been wearing lately? With those skinny legs, they make her look like a stick of candyfloss. And what the hell was Kelle Bryant thinking when she wore this nasty nasty little number? Man, don't these people have friends who tell them?

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